What We Do.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.

SCG is a dynamic marketing consolidation platform that provides a comprehensive and streamlined approach to PR & Marketing Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Event management. We offer creative solutions that cater to our clients’ diverse needs while creating impact to their brands from online to offline. With our innovative mindset and on-the-ground insights, we transform challenges into opportunities and bring ideas to life. Explore our portfolio showcasing successful collaborations with some of Asia’s leading brands. At SCG, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and helping your business thrive.


PR & Marketing Campaigns

Our PR and marketing campaign services empower clients to find their unique position and voice in the market. With expert creatives, concise communication and a brand-oriented approach, we help clients establish a distinctive presence and convey their message effectively through our tailored PR Strategy, Media and Influencer Relations, Media Pitching and Event service. Achieve success in your PR and marketing campaigns with our tailored services.

Digital Marketing

SCG excels in digital marketing with a focus on social media strategy, content creation and design. Our services include digital campaigns, strategy consultation, social platform management, content creation covering videos, social posts, web design and app production. We also offer media buying and partnership service.

Event Management & Production

Experience seamless event management and production services with our professional team at SCG. We create impactful events from start to finish – From conceptualisation to design, production, setup, execution and post-event follow-up, we handle every aspect. Our services include show choreography, venue and stage design, production setup, performers booking and technical services.

Mainland Marketing

Building upon our expertise and network in China market, SCG helps to develop press materials and secure media coverage for brands in order to tap into the mainland market, particularly the GBA. Our specialized service in Xiaohongshu formulates social media strategy in partnership with popular mainland influencers to expand mainland market and increase exposure.

KOL & Influencer Campaigns

We effectively connect clients, from start-ups to international brands, with their target audience and amplify their impact. We strategically identify and collaborate with influential figures who are well-suited to promote our clients’ brands and drive remarkable visibility and exceptional results in their marketing efforts.

IP Collaboration

Promote a thriving collaboration between your brand and IP licensors to create a unique brand experience. By establishing distinctive characters and captivating narratives for your products and licensed merchandise, or curating a themed-event, we help to facilitate a successful partnership that builds a positively representational brand image.